Message from the President

Mehmet Akif Gölcü
HAS Group of Companies
Chairman of Board

New Horizons, New Investments

We are serving the Turkish textile sector with honor for more than a quarter of a century and moving with more investment, more employment, higher quality production and sustainable growth for the future. Today, thankfully, the quality of Turkish textile products became a point of reference throughout the world and Has Group has internalized this mission to the heart of all its businesses.

Of course, in order to achieve precise success, the road should be protected and developed. For further enhance that we have achieved in terms of knowledge, technology, human resources, experience, product diversity and cultural heritage, our mission should be providing more values by producing different products. We are ready for this! Our guide will be creating fashion, increasing the competitiveness of the brands which we have already worked with and being an innovative manufacturer. This vision has always been with the belief, knowledge and labor of all our employees.